Sunday, November 2, 2008


So, this week started out with a Trunk or Treat on Wed at the church. If you don't know what one is, people hand out treats from the trunks of their cars. The kids just like to get candy on more days than one. Here are some pics from that.
You can't tell from the picture, but this car had Harry Potter projected on a sheet from their car. It was so cool!

Don't I have a cute hubby?!

So, on Thursday Isabelle had a class Halloween party with her preschool. I got to help with the party too! They made spiders out of ritz and pretzels, made candy corn men, and I read "The Perfect Pumpkin Pie" with them and then everyone had pie. It was lots of fun.
This is Bella with her teacher "Miss Connie" the day of her party. Bella has been so cute lately about school. She will come home and pretend to be Miss Connie and try to teach Austin. She also asked specifically if we could trick or treat at Miss Connie's house on Halloween. Today I had Bella and Robert do journals and pretty much all Bella told me about Halloween was that she got to trick or treat at her teachers house!

On Thursday we carved our pumpkins. Everyone was into it, including Austy. He loved it when Rob carved his pumpkin for him. And he loved poking his Jack o' Lantern in the eye.

Robert actually pulled most of the guts out of his pumpkin and wanted a superhero pumpkin. So, we did the best we could with that.

Rob made a cool pumpkin. His looks like it is sucking up it's stem.

Bella wanted a princess pumpkin, so Rob complied by adding eyelashes to hers. Mom, you must notice the aprons Bella and I are wearing!
Here are the finished products.
On Halloween night Isabelle wasn't doing her best. When I took Robert to therapy she wanted to lay on the floor the whole time. So, when we got home I sent her to bed, but she didn't want to wake up for dinner or even go trick or treating at first. I even make mummy dogs, pumpkin pie, and an orange drink for Halloween dinner.
Isabelle finally said that she did want to go trick or treating if she could just ride around in the stroller the whole time. She said she had a bad headache. Poor girl!
Here are the kids before we left. Bella was a fairy, Austy- a mouse, and Robert was the Hulk.

And don't for get Mom and Dad, Amidala and Darth Vadar.

As soon as we got home Austy and Bella wanted to go to sleep. So, we put them down and about 20 min later I told Robert that we were going to start a movie. Isabelle called down from her bedroom and said "I want to watch!" So, she watched it with us too.

I also want to mention that today Robert bore his testimony at church for the first time. He asked me why a bunch of the kids kept coming up to the microphone and I told him that it was because they were saying that they know that Jesus and the church is true. I asked him if he felt that way and wanted to say it too and he said that he did. He was so sweet. He said that he knows Jesus is true and that he answers prayers.
Just lately Robert is realizing that not everyone believes the way that we do. He talked to other kids at school and found out that they don't go to church. I told them that they don't believe in Jesus. I asked him if he did and he told me yes. The kids at school even said that church is for babies and Robert stood up for the church. I am so proud of him. I know that he has a testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus and that Robert has felt the spirit many times. Every time he feels the spirit (i.e. during a primary song, or while we are talking about scriptures etc,) he puts his hand on his heart. So, I always know when he is feeling it. What a sweet boy.


Robert said...

Halloween was super fun. I have already eaten about half of my candy. You do such a great job with the blog!

Jen said...

I love Rob's pumpkin - creative and cool!

That is super sweet about Robert's testimony. I love that he puts his hand on his heart when he feels the spirit. That is so neat. You are a great mother and teacher!

The Boulter Family said...

I love the pumpkins, the one Robert carved is hilarious. That was way clever!
I love that you have the tradition of mummy dogs Halloween night. We usually have mummy dogs and chilly.
Great minds think alike!!!
The kids look adorable in their costumes. It was too bad Bella was not feeling well; that sure can put a damper on a little princesses evening of fun and trick or treating.
So what are your plans for Thanksgiving? We will be going to Robert's Grandmother's in Twin Falls, Idaho. His Mom's side of the family is having a reunion. Sense we have been married we have never had Thanksgiving at our home. It has either been with his or my family. I cannot complain; the point of Thanksgiving is to be with family. I guess what I am trying to say is I have never had the opportunity to host a Thanksgiving dinner at my house.