Sunday, October 26, 2008

Party week

So, this week was party week for us. The kids got invited to a Halloween party on Tuesday. They got to wear their costumes, decorate cookies, and listen to fun stories.

Robert's dream came true as he got to be "The Hulk" this year for Halloween. He swears that he is stronger than Superman.

Later that week Isabelle got to go to a princess birthday party, and got to be a princess again! She was so excited to wear sparkley princess makeup this time!

Saturday was our 9th Annual Halloween Party. I always get a little nervous about how things will go, but it turned out great!:) There was a perfect amount of people, we filled up the living room, and didn't have to extend into the kitchen. Although we would have loved if everyone could have come! We had lots of fun games like Jeopardy and Mafia and got to know lots of little known facts about everyone there. Here is some pics of the cast of characters that arrived. It was fun to realize that one of the couples that came, the Bjorns, have come to more of our parties than anyone else. They came in Provo, Oregon, and now in Washington!

I wish I would have taken more pictures at this point. But our drink was red and we had eyeballs floating in it and a green ice hand. We also had cookies that looked like witches hats and monsters.

If you weren't sick of pictures yet, here is one I took on Sat. They had a deal at Old Navy if you brought your kids in their halloween costumes, so I was conned into taking the kids to the mall. (It was not a great deal), but the kids had lots of fun at the mall play area! Oh, and in this picture, the kids really are trying to shoot spiderman webs at another kid there.


Peruchos said...

Cute pics! My son sounds like your son, except my son is Iron Man, and plays one ALL of the time!:) He seriously takes his mask with him EVERYWHERE. Kids are so cute!

The Boulter Family said...

I love it! We are kindred spirits. Halloween is such a fun time. I just can't beleive that it is today; where has this month gone.
The party pictures are so fun. It looks like you all had a great time. Great costumes! May the force be with you! P.s. your home is just lovely!

Wizzard MoM said...

Your halloween costumes of you and Rob, are so YOU!! Exactly the playful nature I remember from Ricks!! HOW FUN!!! I bet your kids get lots of laughs with the silly things you decide to do.