Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference and Princesses, and Halloween

Today we had the traditional conference breakfast of farmer's breakfast that my mom always did for us when we were young. I have since added cinnamon rolls too. It was funny because Bryan and Debbie called up to tell me that they always do the cinnamon rolls I make on conference as well now!

Conference was awesome. I have been worried about a lot of political things lately with the bailout bill and the upcoming election, so I was sure that the leaders would touch on something political, but they didn't. It just focused on us being more Christlike, charitable, and becoming one with those around us and showing them we care. It helped me to realize that the most important thing for me to worry about right now is other's needs and just to work on growing myself. Things may get worse politically or otherwise, but all we need to worry about is if we are working on the path that Heavenly Father and Jesus set for us. In the eternal perspective, the other things will work themselves out in HF's plan.

So, on with things less spiritual.....

I put up Halloween this week and the kids have just been loving it. They give me half the joy of just putting them up.

I might be going a little crazy with the hair thing. But, Isabelle had a friend over and I just had to do their hair matching. Don't they look like princesses!

Later on this week they had a princess day at the library. I had to take Isabelle, the princess that she is!! They told princess stories, made purses and magic wands, face and nail painting, played put the kiss on the frog and had pink cupcakes. What more could a little princess want.
Robert came too, but of course he didn't want to be a prince, he is a Super Hero!

Afterwards Robert got to go to a friend's party at JJ Jumps. It was nice that both of them got to have a fun party on the same day. Robert is getting much better at reading and writing. I started making him read to me for 20 min every day and at first he really hated it. But, he keeps getting better and better every day I feel. I think he is starting to enjoy it more.

Austin has surprized me at how much older he is acting lately. If I do Isabelle's hair, he goes for the hairspray and wants me to do his too. If I am taking someone's picture, he wants me to take his too (hence these pictures). He puts away his own trash, and he loves to help me cook. He loves just being a part of things. He also loves books and playing ball of course. He also loves to hand us our shoes. Rob thinks it's just to be helpful, I think it is because he wants to go somewhere.

So this is silly but.... I had a day I thought my lunch looked really cool, so I took a picture.....


Jen said...

Yum! That lunch looks fantastic! I wish I were closer so you could teach me how to do such cute hairstyles!

Peruchos said...

Your kids are precious! They look so much like you! How fun to have a Princess day at school! I wish they had done that for us! Superman looked great, as well!:)

Tricia said...

Actually the princess day was at the library. They are always doing cool stuff over there. And where I live it is like two house away!

The Boulter Family said...

I loved how you shared your feelings about Conference. It is so important to share our testimonies; they can touch the lives of others in ways we could never imagine. I wanted to add a brief explanation of Conference on my blog because all of my Dad’s side of the family are non members and they all read by blog.
Cute pictures of Princess Isabella, Super Hero Robert, and sweet little Austin! They all have such pretty blonde hair and blue eyes.
I think the picture of your lunch could be in a magazine. I have an obsession with taking pictures of meals. I think it is because sometimes I spend so much time making something it is fun to take a picture so it will last longer!