Sunday, September 28, 2008

Field trip and big surprize

So, this week mom sent a fun package for the kids. There were signs with each of their names on them, candy, cookies and some other individual stuff. Robert's favorite was this gummy tongue and vampire teeth. Don't they look awesome!

She also sent a cute skeleton shirt for Austin.
Isabelle had a field trip to the fire dept. I had to have her look extra cute, so I tried out this new hairstyle.

Isn't she adorable!

I was proud that Isabelle was one of the girls that never got afraid of the truck or the fireman when he was putting on his gear. It was fun to see that she was one of the most talkative kids in the class. She kept wanting to tell the firefighters stories during their presentation. She and the other girls get along great. I also found out that there is a boy in her class that is the brother of a boy in Robert's class. How fun!

Isabelle has also turned into quite the social butterfly. Every day she asks me if she can play with somebody!!

Rob totally surprised me this weekend. Some friends of ours showed up and told us to take off while they watched this kids. My reaction was- but we were going to do yard work today! But Rob was like "let's go!" So, I knew something was planned.... This was our 8th anniversary celebration. Now, we actually got married in February, but we can choose any time we want to celebrate it right!
He took me to Oaks park amusement park
This is a place that Rob went to growing up. To me it's kind of like a mini Lagoon (in Utah). It was a lot of fun. Although, I just can not handle the spinning rides any more! My favorite part was actually the roller skating rink they had there. It comes with your admittance to the park. I hadn't been roller skating since my first year of college. But, whenever my dad would come to visit when I was young, I would always have him take me roller skating.

Rob and I skated for almost and hour. I loved it! It felt like a real date and that is definitely something we couldn't have done with the kids.

Something else Rob had rolled up his sleeve, was that he had packed nice clothes in the car for us to change into for dinner. He brought a dress, make up, shoes, and jewelry for me to change into. How sweet! He took me to an interactive dinner theater called "Who stole my dead Husband?" The people at our table were nice, the food was good (although it took a long time to get it...), and it was definitely very interactive. It was basically like a play, but they included the people at the table, sang songs, and we even got to dance on the dance floor there. It was so fun! Thanks Rob for doing such a great job for our anniversary!

This is a picture that they took of us at the table we were at.


Debbie said...

I love Isa's hair. Super cute!

Amy said...

So good to be back in touch with you again. You are just as gorgeous as ever, with the same smile that lights up your face and the room. Rob is so lucky. And to have those adorable children! Those faces just make you want to squeeze and hug them tight!

Robert said...

I am super lucky!