Sunday, September 21, 2008

More of the same...

This week.....
Soccer game. Robert had two soccer games this week- one Friday and one Saturday. We actually won the Friday game and at least scored a number of times on Saturday. On Saturday Robert blocked 3 goals for the other team and came close to scoring for ours. Does this mean he is starting to understand the game? Lets hope so!

My mom was the sweetest and made way cool matching Halloween aprons for me and Belly.

Austin got to sit up to the island for the first time this week.

Unfortunately, we don't have more pictures, but Auntie Rachel came over this weekend and we got to hang out and go to Saturday's Market in Portland with her and Mima while the boys went to watch the BYU game. The kids were so excited and we had a great time.

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The Boulter Family said...

Oh Tricia I adore your blog! How fun, I am so excited to be able to read and see pictures of you and your cute family! I promise to leave bunches of comments. How fun, this is so exciting! Thank you for adding yourself as a follower. I am not sure how to add myself as a follower. I will have to wait until Robert can show me. Can I be a follower on your blog? It sounds so much like being a groupie to a band!
I love the aprons your Mom made for you and Bella. I am somewhat of a Halloween addict! I wish you guys lived closer so you could come to the Halloween party in October.
Take care and I look forward to seeing your posts!