Sunday, September 14, 2008

Preschool, Piano, and Pumpkins

So, we had a few more milestones this week. Isabelle had her first day of Preschool. She was so excited!! She finally could go to school just like Robert. But, the day she was to go the first time she got upset that I told her she couldn't wear a princess dress there, so she put on some wings and a fairy skirt. I had to remind her that those couldn't go either. She wore her wings in the car until we got to her school and she wasn't very happy with me. Her teacher had told her earlier that on Halloween she could wear a princess dress and so she asked, "Is it Halloween today?"

The next milestone was that I had my first piano lesson ever!! I was so excited! I can actually find middle "C" (and know what that is in the first place}. Rob bought some simple hymns and primary music and I actually played a couple of songs today. It was the BEST!!! Robert played in his first soccer game on Saturday. His poor team. They only scored one point the entire game. The other team creamed them. But, I don't think Robert could have cared less. He got to have a treat at the end! Running around and kicking the ball was ok too.

Of course Austin had to play soccer the whole time as well.The last milestone was that we harvested our first pumpkin from our garden! We planted many pumpkin plants this year and I know that we will get at least two pumpkins this year. This is the biggest we have so far....

As for other random news. I tried out a new hairstyle I thought was cute on Belly (thanks for the website recommendations Nekell).
For Rob's benefit, I will publish his slug graveyard. I think this is why we haven't been getting more pumpkins......

We also put up some pics over our stairs. We finally have some family pics up in our house!


Krista said...

Fun post! I love Isabelle's hair in that picture--how cool is that! Did she start preschool with Connie? Good for you for planting and harvesting pumpkins--what a fun thing! Love your blog background too. So glad you have a blog now! --Krista

Words of Webster said...

Do I have the cutest, smartest grandchildren, or what!!??!! I love this blog my cute daughter. The picture wall looks awesome!! Where did you get that French sign?? . . . and the flower arrangement on the piano? You have way cool stuff!
Very, very cute-a. Proud of the piano work. Good for you!! Love you, Mom