Sunday, September 7, 2008

First week of school etc

So, sorry I haven't written for a while. Last weekend we went up to Philomath to spend some more time with Rob's brother Mike and his family. I think that our daughters Isabelle and Abby were in heaven having a friend to play with for so long. I was really sad because I forgot to bring my camera! We missed some fun pics of everyone in their BYU shirts (the boys at least watched the first game of the season there). Also, I got some fun craft activities for the kids to do during the game. We made necklaces that looked like leis, used some of those flowers to glue onto crowns for the girls. We also made animal faces. I got the boys visors and they each got an animal face on their visor. It is also fun to go back and visit with our old ward.

On Labor Day Monday we went to the coast by our house for the first time since we have moved there. It was great. We went to Seaside, played in the sand, rode a carousel and tried on cool hats. We let the kids pick something to get if they wanted. As we were driving away Robert said, "I love Seaside, we get to buy things there."

This week Robert started 1st grade. He was really nervous because we had told him that he would now be going all day, not half day like in Kindergarten. I think he thought he would have to be there until he went to bed. After his first day he said that he loved his teacher, Mrs. Deklyen, and loves first grade.

Robert had soccer practice this week, and Austin kicked the soccer ball around as much as Robert did! He seriously wanted to get out on the field with the other boys. He would also watch what the other boys were doing and try to copy them. He tried to kick the ball into the goal a number of times. Then we had an Elder's quorum game night and the nursery people said that Austin kicked around and played with a ball the entire two hours he was there. Do we have a future ball player?

On Saturday Rob and I got the last minute opportunity to go to the BYU football game against the Washington Huskies. It was so fun! The stadium is right next to an inlet of water so we can watch boats moving around the same time as we are watching the game. The game was a nail biter, and it was fun to sit by a bunch of other excited cougars, including the Furin's from our ward! The only bad thing is that it took us about 4 1/2 hours to get home! The traffic was so bad.

We also had a girls/boys night that night, then in the morning had breakfast with my good friend Jeff Russon and his family. They now live about 25 min from us:). We had so much fun hanging out!

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