Sunday, October 12, 2008

Week away from Rob

So, this week Rob was in California doing some training with his base company there, Grizwold Filtration, so I felt a lot busier.
On Tuesday we had a p.j. reading night at the school. I let Robert pick out a book and we got to hear a Halloween book by a local author, so that was way fun.

We got Robert's school pictures back this week. I think they turned out cute, but Robert didn't like them 'cause he doesn't like the shirt! Oh, well.

Robert has been doing really well in swimming. It was so fun for me to see him swim across the pool a number of times (width of course) and doing knee dives. He totally enjoys swimming completely immersed! I am so happy! That was my favorite growing up.

Poor Austin, he wants to be in the pool with the other kids too. He pulls out his swim suit as we are getting ready to go, and wants the goggles on too!

Of course we can't leave Bella out! She is doing great on her stomach swimming. She will swim out to her teacher about 4 feet from the steps, but she will not float on her back! When I work with her in the tub she will, but not for her teacher!

I got to volunteer at Robert's school this week. It was great for me to see the kids that he would talk about and how they interact with each other. I love that Robert gets so happy to see me there. I also like to see how his class is run and to help Robert excel the best I can.

I started up on Facebook this week. That has taken up probably way too much time, but it has been so fun! I have found friends that I have been wondering about for years! It is so cool to have friends from all different times in my life all in one place that I can find out what they are up to all the time. I have been amazed at the amount of people I could find on there. What an awesome tool!

Unfortunately, Rob will be gone about half the week this next week. Hopefully these trips will slow down soon! He is going to Las Vegas and then Seattle. Good thing I have friends who are willing to help out!

P.S. Here's one more silly pic...


Jen said...

Cute kids!

The Boulter Family said...

What a cute school picture! I bet your Mom is excited to receive Rob's picture. Grandparents love pictures of their grandbabies!
Wow it must be hard not to have you husband home. I have a hard time with Robert being gone for a few days. I am glad you have friends there that help out.
Hey Tricia, at what age did you start your kids in swimming lessons?

Peruchos said...

I love that picture of Robert...he's so cute!

Scott and Alison said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! Yay!
Cute pictures of the kids - I can't believe how fast they are growing!!