Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've been tagged

So, Amy Hintze tagged me in her blog and I just noticed! So, I'm suppose to say 7 things about myself that are strange, wierd, unusual, or generally unknown. Unfortunately I had a hard time coming up with these, so here you go.

1. Every year Rob and I have been married we have had a Halloween party.

2. I used to tease Rob about being from a "pioneer family" because he never had anything but homemade bread, and now I always make homemade bread for my family rather than buying it.

3. I once took accordian lessons.

4. I got the nickname "the Terminator" at my job in Provo because I cut people off the fasted for not complying. (I worked with single moms on financial assistance).

5. I got engaged on my 22nd birthday, exactly two months after Rob and I met.

6. I ate hot lunch every year from 1st grade through my first year of college.

7. I have recently found out that I am a book snob. (ie, I can't understand why so many people love Twilight)

Now to tag 5 other people to do this on their blogs:

1. Mom
2. Alisa Boulter
3. Allison Boulter
4.Jessica Anderson
5.Jen Lund


The Boulter Family said...

Tagged!!! Mmmmmm, I am with you when you said it is hard to come up with what to write.
I enjoyed reading what you wrote. It is a fun way to get to know someone better.

Gina said...

You know, I am not a twighlight fan myself either. I did read some of the books, but I have become an anti-twighlight-ite.

Gina said...

PS. I appreciated knowing these things about you, good idea! and keep it up. I think you may have pursueded me to start making homemade bread. You know with store bought it is so expensive and it all has high fructose cornsyrup in it.

Wizzard MoM said...

I found your BLOG!!! Thanks to facebook. Your family looks so cute. I have a blog as well, so you'll have to swing by there to keep updated on my bunch.

Wizzard MoM said...

Oh -- I'm sorry that you aren't a Twilight fan. I've read them all and really liked them, but I'm not obsessing over them. I do however want to see the movie.