Monday, December 1, 2008


We did a few things to celebrate Thanksgiving this week. On Monday we had an FHE on Thanksgiving. I told the story of the pilgrims and read some scriptures on being grateful. I had printed off a bunch of little turkeys that said "I am thankful for..." and each of us filled in the blank on a bunch of these papers. We then stuck the paper turkeys all over the house so that each time we saw them all week we could remember all that we have and to be grateful. It ended up being so fun and the kids loved it. It was fun to hear what the kids came up with:

Robert- treasure boxes, clothes, pirate swords, candy, dad
Isabelle- sippy cups, superheros, princesses, teddy bears
Mom- our home, my marriage, the gospel, family, hot water
Dad- technology (I love technology.....), our savior, kids, wife

On Wednesday I was making bread, so I had the kids form it into a fun shape. I was going for the Thanksgiving theme, (this really is suppose to be a turkey)
but Robert and Isabelle did their own thing. Robert made a rabbit and
Isabelle had me help her make a princess. When I took the bread out of the oven Isabelle thought that it looked like the princess had a skirt on rather than a dress, so she didn't want to eat it anymore. Notice the sour expression on her face, the fact that the plate is not on her placemat. She didn't want to be in this picture either. Oh, kids are fun.

For Thanksgiving Day, Rob's parents Nan and Bob were here. It was so nice to share the load of all of the meal with Nan. I made my pies the night before and half of the stuffing, so all I had to do on Thanksgiving was the turkey stuff and mashed potatoes! I also made these little cornucopias for everyone which turned out kind of fun.

Rob got a newspaper Thanksgiving day (since we don't subscribe) so we could get in on all of the good Black Friday deals. We scoured the pages all day on Thursday. Then, Rob and I got up a little before 5 am on Friday to go Christmas shopping. I ended up going to like 3 or 4 stores, and waited in some pretty long lines. But, I think that it was worth it and we are almost done with Christmas! (A weight off my shoulders!)
Later that day we went to Omsi and watched the Polar Express at the Imax theater there with Rob's parents, then hung out with the Hutchies!

The next day we had a sitter for most of the day so Rob and I could do some more shopping, then we spent that night with the Russons! What a fun week!


Swangerlings said...

Where did you get the Hello Kitty place mat? That's awesome!

Tricia said...

We got it at either Target or Walmart.

The Boulter Family said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love how you decorated the table and the cute candy filled cornucopias!
Seeing those pictures of bread making……oh it makes me want to bake! Tis the season! Good thing I went to Costco yesterday and bought a whole lot of butter. I want to have a cookie baking party!
So you did the “black Friday”! I have only done that once and had a fun time. I can never get anyone that wants to go. I hate going by myself. So where did you get the best deal? I hope to do some shopping online so I don’t have to go brave the crowds.

The Boulter Family said...

Hey Tricia could you please e-mail me your address! Christmas card time.