Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmastime, and painting

So, for FHE this week we got our Christmas tree. Robert had been asking for days and was so excited. It was so fun to see how excited he was to pull the decorations out of the boxes and want to participate. He has such a good memory about his ornaments and what was in the decorations box.

We were also excited this week because we finally completed painting our bedroom. We waited to take the blinds down for the last. I have hated those blinds the whole time we were in that room, and when we took them down, we realized that there was a beautiful window underneath! I didn't want to cover them back up! So, we decided to keep the turquoise blinds down and just put up some curtains that we can move over and see the window whenever we wanted. So, here is a before and after of our window.
We are so happy with our new window! And our new room!

As of other pics, I let the kids do some painting on Sat and they were in heaven.

Austin struck again, this time it was moonsand madness. We really don't know how he gets to these things. I was sure the moonsand was in the kitchen. At least this one was easy to clean up.
I hosted at our Stake's nativity festival. They had a really cute kids room there where the kids could dress up like part of the nativity. Isabelle decided that she would rather be a donkey than Mary, but was very upset that she couldn't be an angel.


Words of Webster said...

How Fun!! I love getting your pictures! Oh that little Austin sure has his mother's artistic flair! Payback!! Now, be sure he has been cured of this creative streak before your visit!! Not so cute at Gransma's house!!! Can't wait to see you!

Wizzard MoM said...

When I went to Cali to visit with my family right before Thanksgiving my 19 month old son got into some moonsand that she had -- or something like it. IT WAS SUCH A MESS. I didn't realize that it was down low where he could get it.

Aww, the things they do that drive us crazy somedays.

Gina said...

I agree totally about your blinds, that is a great final touch to see the window. GOod job!

Kayleen the Violinist said...

your window looks awesome! & i luv your cute fam pic! :)

The Boulter Family said...

Hey Tricia I joined the world of face book! Crazy how sucked into it you can get. I am having somewhat of a hard time figuring things out. Especially with Robert in San Fran; he is always the one that answers my tech problems. Any who I hope to get things in order and finish my profile and what not. It is so different from blogging.
I love your Christmas decorations your home looks so festive for the holidays! Beautiful family picture; you guys look like a celestial family in the Garden of Eden!
I got my blog background at cutest blogs on the block. I just scrolled through a couple of pages to find the one I posted. There was a really neat one with wreathes I loved too!
p.s. who's baby is your Mom holding in her picture?

Tricia said...

I didn't see much. Did you have to pay for yours? That is where I get mine too. So funny about the garden of Eden comment. I guess just plus the clothes huh!

Amy said...

I love that window, and I'd definitely keep those blinds off too. What cute donkey and animal costumes!