Monday, October 29, 2012

KaPow! Playtime, and Party!

 Ok, I just found this pic from about a month or so ago, Rob and I went to a Jim Gaffigan comedy show together and it was so fun!

Here, we had a stake service project to pick carrots.  I found some that were in love.
This was the plan for Austin's Abe Lincoln costume.  I just can't get  Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum out of my head when I see this pic though.....

 This is Talia showing off some of her fashion sense during Conference.  Ok, so she was just trying to get her shirt off herself.
 The kids getting high on candy, I mean, listening to conference while listening for key candy words.
 Rob went on a business trip and tried frog's leg and alligator- yum.
 He visited Utah and got to see cutie Naomi!
 This is my attempt at a Halloween version of my chicken pot pie.  Too bad it looks like Jack is crying!
 Our friends, the Ducette's, invited us to this fun murder mystery dinner.  I think the real mystery is how Rob grew so much taller than me that night. :)

Rob went to Colorado for business but still got to enjoy all of the fun Frenchness!  (Can you tell he has been traveling lately?!)

 We did an FHE on working as a team.  Things are going really well here I can tell.


 We did and LDS homeschool field trip, nature walk.  Talia loved to splash in the water.  She was soaking afterwards.

 We saw cool things like frog skeletons
 and catepillars.
 Isabelle has been playing Barbie Doll beauty shop.  She was so excited she wanted to do a photo shoot for them as well. Work it Barbie.


 Here is some of the food and decor.  It was so nice because I planned it out with two other awesome couples this year.  The girls did the food and decor and the boys did the activities.

I got the inspiration for these cupcakes from my cousin Kim Madsen!

 Isabelle made the cool sparkly pumpkin and I made all but one of the cake stands and I made the pitcher.  Thanks pinterest!
 This is actually a calzone.  I thought it looked awesome as ribs!  I made butter beer too.

  Sara Swanger made the sign and I made the brick wall so the kids could run through platform 9 3/4 to get to Hogwarts!
 They made it!

   Heather made this splendiforus cake.  But I was most impressed with her Bellatrix Lestrange costume.  She actually cut the shirt and resewed it with yarn to get to that cool state!

Here the Allens showed up as Captain America and Lu lu lu Lucha Dora!  

 Our poor little Austy has not had a lot of luck lately.  He has gotten 3 head injuries in a matter of like 3 weeks.  Slick cowboy boots are not good for running!  Here is his latest injury...
 With all the injuries we thought he should be the Bloody Baron for our party!  He is with Caden Nelson, I mean, Harry Potter, in this pic.

 I tried to get Talia to be a cat or rat or something, but she just wanted to be a fairy.
 Rob and I were Gilderoy Lockhart and Professor Trelawnie.

 Sara and Geoff Swanger were Quiddich fans.
 Parker, the muggle, Reagan- Luna, and Cameron- Voldemort?

 Vic came up with this awesome Harry Potter Jeopardy game.
 Then today we found Jennifer Harris at Stake Conference and had to have their family over for dinner.  They are the best!

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Kip Webster said...

You guys went to Jim Gaffigan? Thats so awesome, I wish I could go to one of his shows! That must have been so fun.