Monday, October 15, 2012

Little update

Here are some kid updates...

Talia- has now learned on her own to turn on dvd's by herself.  She asked me the other day to help her and the tv was on, the dvd player was on, and there was a disc in the dvd player (with a little toy moved over for her to stand on and reach).  The only problem was the disc wasn't in right.  We also found two movies in our wii from the little imp. 

Austin-  This summer I printed of a list of 100 books to read in Kindergarten, for Austin.  He finished reading all 100 books this week!  He earned some legos for finishing. We are so proud of him!  He totally reads books on his own now and loves it!  This list was so motivating for him.  Some days he read for 45 minutes because he wanted to finish so bad and earn his prize.

Isabelle-  Isabelle has been so sweet lately.  She is totally willing to help anyone with their jobs, put others first and share.  We love her sweetness.   The other day she had a playdate with a friend and one of the first things they did was write poems!  What a cute girl!

Robert- Robert has been reading a bunch of classics.  He has been reading a bunch of books.  I started a Goodreads account for him to keep track.  I have really enjoyed his creativity in his writing lately. 
We went to a rocks and minerals museum this week to check out the meteorites.  Robert was so cute there.  He has been there a couple of times before, so Robert acted as our much animated tour guide.  He was so excited about all of the items there and even acted like it was a dream to be there it was so amazing.  Isn't childhood magical?!

We have been doing letter writing every Friday and we really appreciate all of you who have written our kids back.  You make this assignment so rewarding!!

What Robert has on his head is a letter that his cousin Emily sent back to him.  She folded up her letter origami style into a stylish hat.  You guys are so cool!

I found a fun fall pinterest activity for the kids.  They turned out so cute and the kids loved it!

We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend.  


I think the boys could have stayed in the corn bin all day!

Isabelle loves animals so much.  She could have stayed here most of the day.

Ropin' steer

Pumpkin launch

I ended up on the ground...

Look at the determination in Rob's face!

Isabelle's pumpkin from the pumpkin launch ended up in a bucket out in the field, so she won a scarecrow. :)

Some random girl hitched a ride from Austin.

I was sad this year about decorating because all of my decorations are in Utah.  But, thanks to Pinterest, I have been able to do some fun ideas, like these tomato cage ghosts.

Isabelle proudly showing off her award.

My two sillies.

I tried out a new hairdo today via Pinterest.  I like how it turned out.

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