Sunday, November 11, 2012


Since I can make my own schedule, and Austin's school already had a day off, we took the day off of on Halloween and just had a day of fun.  I took the kids rollerskating in the morning.  It was really cool for me to see Talia skating for the first time.  I had roller skated while I was pregnant with her, roller skated with her in a stroller, and now she is doing it on her own.  It was awesome to see it come full circle.

I found this really fun house with mega pumpkins while running, so I brought the fam back to check them out.  Isabelle was giving me advice on how we need to make our house more awesome because of this house.

Robert was really into the pumpkin carving this year.  He offered to dig the guts out of everyone's pumpkins because he thought it was so fun.  Yes!!  This is one good thing about him loving gooey things so much!

I was also really impressed by the creativity my kids showed this year.  All but Talia designed their own pumpkins.  Robert cut his own out as well.   I love the "zombie" pumpkin Robert made with the googly eyes.

Austin made this cute spider hat at school.

For Halloween this year we had Indian Jones (making his 4th showing), the Bloody Baron (think Harry Potter), a fairy, and the Corpse Bride (it's from a kid movie).  I was a little disappointed that Austin and Isabelle changed their minds about being historical characters (Abe Lincoln, and Queen Elizabeth).  But I thought they were super fun still.

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