Sunday, February 12, 2012

Talia turns 2, homeschool, and more

Yes, my little Talia Actually turned two on February 3. I can't believe it! She is such a fun kid. She talks up a storm and always tries to sound so big! She is talking very well in complete sentences. She jumps up off the floor with two feet all the time. She loves jumping on the tramp with the other kids. She loves baby dolls. She loves playing with dishes, and making huge messes. We had stopped that for a little while by putting child locks on all that she could reach, but now she has learned to bring stools over to whatever she can't reach. She has also learned to open doors.
This was her cake. She wanted a princess cake. Luckily Isabelle is very sweet and willing to share her things with Talia.

Here is Talia opening presents.

We did things pretty simple this year for her. I thinks she was pretty happy on her birthday.

This is Robert with his best friend Brittan at Brittan's baptism. Brittan just moved to Arizona this weekend, so we were very sad, but so grateful Robert got to have such a wonderful friend.For homeschool this week we studied Gengis Kahn. We made Chinese lanterns, watched Mulan, and had Chinese peanut chicken for dinner. So fun!Rob took the girls to a father daughter dance for our annual Valentine's "kid date". It sounds like everyone had a great time (although getting our the door with Talia was a bit tricky that night). Talia found a friend at the dance and played with her a ton!

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RBeckstead said...

You guys have way too much fun!!! Awesome job on the cakes, by the way.