Monday, January 30, 2012

Chess and the beach-homeschool with the Frenches

This was probably one of my most favorite weeks of homeschool so far. I invited Sis Kullberg, in our ward, to teach the kids how to play chess for history (knights would play chess in their castles while passing time between battles). The kids absolutely love it! I love it too! It is so much simpler than I thought.

Also, we studied shells this week, so this weekend we took the kids to a beach house and spent Saturday morning collecting shells to categorize for science. Now this is the best part of homeschool!! We were lucky to have the Trevisanuts come with us as well!We went to a place called "Twin Rocks".
I couldn't believe what wonderful weather we had for the winter! There was no wind, lots of sun, and not that cold. It was better than a lot of our summer days at the beach!
Here we are categorizing our shells after we got home.Here are Isabelle's shells...Robert's- So, I know that a crab shell doesn't really fit into the categories, but it was still cool!Austin's- P.S. He sounded out some of the names of his shells- even Abalone, I was pretty impressed!

For cub scouts ealier this week Robert participated in a "Cubtona" it was really cute.

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RBeckstead said...

I was just talking to Jake about going to the beach in the NW and how we always had to bundle up. He thought that wasn't going to real beach. He likes to be warm. I miss the beach. Tell it hello for me!!!