Monday, January 30, 2012

Castles, pudding, monkeys, homeschool

Rachel gave us a really great Christmas present-planned out FHE's with all of the items needed, included. We had a great time doing pudding paintings!
For spelling one week I had Isabelle spell in flour. Robert got this "Crystal tree" for Christmas.We learned about castles etc for History, so we made a "Norman Castle" out of fruity pebbles. The kids had a very hard time waiting long enough for me to take this picture before digging in!
We also made medieval coin purses. Back then they would tie them to their belts. Thieves would come along with knives and cut the "purse strings".We started growing some Sea Monkeys for science. The first day we fed them and could actually see them swimming around, Talia dumped the whole thing on the floor! Oh well, Rob ordered some more.

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