Sunday, January 1, 2012


Rob got a fun packet for us to celebrate his five years working for Grizwold water systems.

The Grotto in Portland.
Christmas dinner
Isabelle wanted to act out the Nutcracker.

Christmas Breakfast.

Robert threw up in the theater on Christmas Eve. He went straight to be when we got home. We asked if he wanted to open presents with us and he said he did. When he saw his p.j.'s he said he felt immediately better. He called them "miracle p.j.'s".

White elephant with the Trevisanuts. I loved the ginormous comb.

For homeschool we made some mosaics because we learned about the Byzantine Empire.

Our prettiest tree ever.
Some fun cookies I made.

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MimaandPapa said...

Really looks like you had a fun Christmas. We sure missed you guys!
Not sure about the breakfast, but the candy house looked fun.

Mima and Papa