Monday, February 13, 2012

Austin's Cowboy Party -age 5

Austin has never had a super nice birthday, since it always seems to be a crazy month for me. (Talia being born, Robert's birthday and baptism, Valentines, our anniversary.) So, this year I decided it was Austin's turn to have a nice party. We did a cowboy theme of course!
This was his invitation.

He told me he NEEDED a mustache to be a real cowboy.This is the front of our house. Our neighbors were so sweet to let us borrow all of the cowboy duds and bales of hay for the party.This is the kitchen.First we had the kids decorate "cowboy vests" tracing boots, hats, etc.
Next we did a relay race with stick horses. They had to ride the stick horse to me, put on some cowboy clothes, .....Next we played the "Snake in my Boot" game. The kids had plastic snakes and tried to toss them into the boots.We also played pass the rattlesnake. It was basically hot potato, but we said if you were holding the snake when the music stopped he bit you!We played musical chairs.And then they had a treasure hunt to find the presents all over the house.He wanted a bright red cowboy boot for his cake. It took so much dye!! But, he was happy :)
This is his best buddy from preschool Garrett "The Carrot". He tells us all the time he drives to school in a carrot car. He is so silly. He was so excited that Garrett could come!
Woody and Jessie also made it to the party!


Gina said...

WOw, you really know how to make a neat party! That looks really fun and special. Your kids I am sure feel your love.
We have missed you guys. Time is flying and flying and flying by. We can't seem to stay ahead. Take care!

Gram B said...

What a creative party! Everyone looks pretty happy at the "Ho Down".