Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bears, Seattle, School

Robert earned his "Bear" in cub scouts recently. We are so proud of him!I found this on the fridge the other day. I thought it was cute.For history we studied the Arabian peninsula and 1001 Arabian Nights. We made a hanging "Valley of the Snakes" from the Sinbad story, and put treasure underneath.Rob had a business trip to Seattle that we were able to join him for. We went to this "park" in the middle of downtown.We saw some other cool sights as well.Talia was making friends.
We wanted this to be a field trip to see some sea lions, since we studied them in science. This is all we saw of one.This was near a dam, it also had a place we could see the salmon go through the dam, that was pretty cool.

Back at home, we made home made stamps since we learned that the Chinese were the first to do block printing for books.We did and experiment to learn the purpose of blubber by putting vaseline on one hand and just gloves on the other, then put them in cold water and see which hand can stand the cold longer.
We also made a walrus and seals out of clay.
We got our pumpkins yesterday.

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Gina said...

Looks like you are having fun, and being creative as usual! Good job