Sunday, October 23, 2011

Homeschool-Japan, Australia

For our homeschool unit on Japan we made "carp kites", like a festival they have in Japan. I was so proud of myself for being organized enough to do this. I normally HATE projects like these. But, it was really fun and the kids loved it!
I also made a Japanese meal. I made terriaki beef, sesame broccoli, rice, and clear soup. We didn't use spoons because they just drink their soup in Japan.

For our unit on Australia and the aborigines there, we made home made boomerangs out of paint sticks.Then, we made a "moth mix" since the aborigines eat all sorts of strange things like moths and lizards etc. (We did replace the moths with nuts though...)

For science we have been learning about coral, so we went to the IMAX movie at Omsi about coral reefs. The Great Barrier Reef that they talked about is right by Australia- so that was really cool to have learned about Australia at the same time too.

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