Sunday, October 23, 2011

football, 1/2 marathon, lost tooth, talent show

So, a lot has happened since I posted last. Rob got tickets for us to see the BYU vs. OSU football game in Corvallis. We had to go since Rob was an alum of both schools. The weather was nice and BYU won! It was all good.
We stayed with our friends the Clements that night. I can't believe we didn't get a picture of them. They made us a wonderful dinner and were so hospitable, thanks guys! We had a great time. :)
We went to church in our old Philomath ward. We love the people there.

We got to visit with our friends the McFarlanes after church. When we grow up we want to be like these guys.This is the welcome my kids got there. They are so good with kids.
Jeremy blew bubbles and picked apples with the boys.This is my fun friend Angie that I used to go running with. She has one of the most tender, compassionate, and forgiving hearts of anyone I know.
Lately Austin has really gotten into being "fancy". He loves to wear button up shirts, ties, vests, dressy pants, belt buckles, corduroy jackets, etc. He complains that people aren't fancy like when in older times people used to wear gold and jewels. Anyways, I took him to a Knuckleheads sale the other day and he picked out this whole "fancy" outfit. I think he is a cutie.
Our kids have been attending a craft workshop for kids put on by this awesome woman in our ward.
I ran a half marathon for the first time in my life. I honestly never thought I would, or could do anything like this, so it is a big deal for me. I was running alone, and nervous about it. I started talking to a woman and her daughter right at the beginning. After the first lap around the track, her daughter wasn't feeling good and cut out, and she asked if we could run together. It was such a blessing to me. She was a seasoned runner and had run in like 20 marathons. I asked her advice, we talked about our beliefs in God, our families, it was amazing. She really helped me to do much better than I ever could have on my own and made it a joy.

The first ten miles were actually pretty fun. The 11th mile I was starting to get tired, and I thought I was almost done because we were coming back onto the raceway from the cross country trail. When I found out I had to run 2 more miles I was not happy. It was really difficult for me to finish, but Vicki stayed by me the whole time and I was determined to run the whole time. But we did it! Yay!During my run, they had a free kid's run that our kids participated in. I really think Isabelle gave it her all, because she had a hard time walking today, poor girl!
They gave all the kids little medals afterwards too.Later that night was our ward talent show. They tried to make it like American Idol. Rob was the MC, or Ryan Seacrest. We had Simon, Paula, and Randy Jackson along too. They all did a good job and were super funny!
Isabelle lost her first tooth there. She has been feeling bad that every kid her age, and younger have been losing teeth, so she was super excited to finally have a loose tooth. Unfortunately, she actually lost it, lost it at the talent show! We couldn't find it anywhere, luckily the tooth fairy still came. Phew!
Here are a couple other fun Knuckleheads finds ...Talia update- this girl is wild and crazy. The older kids love her, but are afraid of her too! She likes to hit them with sticks and chase them around the house. She get really jealous if another kids is on my lap, or someone else (like Rob) is holding my hand. I love her to bits and she makes me laugh, but she can be a handful too.


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Tricia, you truly are amazing!

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