Sunday, September 25, 2011

Family Pics, school in September

We asked my friend Kim Doman to take our family's pictures and I am happy with how they turned out. Here is a sampling.

As for the rest of life...

Robert caught a snake.
For History we talked about India and then made colored sand pictures. As you can tell, Robert still loves to wear his "cape" from the Celtic war we did.Ok, this picture made me really want to make sure Belly's hair is done every day.
Austin started preschool with Miss Connie again this year.
We visited my friend Lori at her work to teach the kids about Nursing. It is my goal to have them learn about a different occupation each month.It happened to be "Western Day" the day we were visiting.
For science this week we have been learning about whales. The use sound to communicate through hundreds of miles of water, and to locate food. So, our experiment this week dealt with sound through different mediums.Robert had a hard time hearing, they had a hard time keeping the string taught, but, they got the point.
The kids also made whales out of clay.

For our homeschool group I taught a class on Leonardo Davinci. He was an all around amazing person with inventions he thought of way before their time. He also felt like he needed to know people from the inside out to be able to draw them. So, for our project I had the kids draw some objects from the outside, then we opened them up, and they drew the inside.I started both Robert and Isabelle in piano this week. Robert wasn't super interested in piano when I signed him up, but his teacher has given him so much confidence, and he really has some talent. So, he is loving it now. I am just happy it is boosting his confidence.For English I have been having the kids memorize poems. Isabelle has memorized 3 so far and absolutely loves it. I had her perform for the Lords and Ladies group (homeschoolers) and she wanted to say them every time someone walked in the door. She also loves to act out her poems. Robert hates having to say them in front of a group (he is more like me this way.) I tried to upload a video of them saying their poems, but I think it was too big.

Isabelle memorized her last two poems in 1 day. As reward I bought her a fruit tart. We have been reading about Alice in Wonderland lately and she asked me what tarts were, so I got her one.I also wanted to try my hand at them. Here is my attempt. They are very yummy!

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Cute pictures! You look absolutely fabulous and after having 4 kids! wow!