Sunday, September 11, 2011

Begin of Homeschool year 2011-2012

So, I was really nervous to start school this year since I would be homeschooling both Robert and Isabelle. Now, mind you, I completely let Isabelle choose. She was doing just fine in public school, but she asked to be homeschooled this year.

Rob gave us some blessings before the school year started that really calmed my fears, and so far, I think this has been our best homeschool year ever. Robert is doing the best he ever has. He is much more focused than he ever has been before, can work independently, and seems to soak up the information better than ever before. Isabelle is just getting used to the routine, but she is so easy to work with, and happy about her work. She just memorized a poem (The Catepillar, by Christina G. Rosetti) after like only 3 days of working on it. She is also very proud of her spelling. :)

We are studying ocean life for science and the Middle Ages for history. Our first fun activity for homeschool was making Roman columns for history, and we ate them because they got torn down by invaders. We were lucky enough have the Ledesmas staying with us for the weekend that week. We love you guys!!

Our first field trip was to the tide pools at Haystack Rock in Oregon (think Goonies).

We got to see green sea anenomes, star fish, crabs, and aggregate sea anenome. So fun!
We then went to Seaside and played in the sand.
We saw Lewis and Clark.

The kids got these fun hats there.The next fun activity we did was a Celtic war reenactment for history. The Celts would put blue swirls all over their body, spike up their hair, and wear cloaks (since it was chilly there). They also liked to use axes.The girls would paint their nails, and were known for being great warriors as well. Talia totally wanted blue swirls on her as well. When I just put them on her tummy, she pointed at her arm and said arm, arm!

We invited Britain and Camry Ross to join us, and we are so glad they did. :) We had a lot of fun.Afterwards, Isabelle came in and continued drawing blue swirls on herself. She went a little crazy.

It took quite a bit of scrubbing to get all of that blue off of everyone!
So far, so good.


Amy said...

I'm so impressed with your homeschooling so far. What great activities and learning experiences that they'll remember all their lives! I doubt my kids will remember everything they're doing in school. That's definitely a selling point for homeschool.

Tricia said...

Thanks so much Amy. I try really hard with my kids. I hope that all I am doing will make a difference.