Sunday, April 19, 2009

Warning!! Politics!! and family too.

Ok, so many of you know that I have been really getting into politics lately. Which is completely out of the ordinary for me. I think that the only political thing I have done up until now is vote.

But, I have been so concerned about the state of our country and where it is heading, that I have started to do something about it! There was a visiting teaching message in March that said

Elder Robert S. Wood of the Seventy: “For too many, responsibility seems to end with hand-wringing and exclamations of dismay. Yet talk without action accomplishes little. We need to be vigorously engaged in the world. If our schools are inadequate or destructive of moral values, we must work with fellow members of the community to bring about change. If our neighborhoods are unsafe or unhealthy, we must join with the civic-minded to devise solutions. If our cities and towns are polluted, not only with noxious gases but soul-destroying addictions and smut, we must labor to find legitimate ways to eliminate such filth. … We have the responsibility to be a blessing to others, to our nation, to the world” (“On the Responsible Self,” Ensign, Mar. 2002, 30–31).

I have been wringing my hands until now. Glenn Beck inspired me to start a group where we study the constitution, the founding fathers, and start to bring about real change in our country with real principles and values!! See
I had my first mtg on Tuesday. I was worried that no one would come, or if they did, that they would feel like it wasn't worth anything, and stop coming. But, I was happy with the turnout and the discussion that ensued. We discussed Thomas Paine's Common Sense, and everyone was up for reading the 5000 year leap- basically a breakdown of the founding father's formula for success. I have started reading it already and it is amazing!

I also made these yummy, patriotic treats.
The next day, Rob and I attended a Tax Day Tea Party. This was a move for those like me to say - no more taxes, no more socialism, and try to protect the constitution! From me talking to lots of people, it sounds like many people haven't heard about these, but they were held in EVERY MAJOR CITY IN AMERICA on April 15. Thousands of people attended across the country. The media just really didn't do it justice. For more pics of tea parties across the country, go to

I heard a guy on the radio call up and say "Hey, I am on my way to a tea party, I've got my sign in the back, and I feel kind of like a wacko because I have never been to something like this before." I felt the same way! But, when I got there and started reading everyone's signs and what we were all fighting for, I really didn't feel that way anymore. The people there weren't wacko's. There were 80 year old veterans.There were families with young children.
I saw people who wanted to defend God, morality, work ethic, the constitution, careful spending, freedoms. This is the kind of crowd that I want to be around. The people there asked how many people had never gone to a protest before and it was almost the whole crowd!!
Strange thing, but right before the tea parties, the Dept of Homeland Security came out with a statement warning about "rightwing extremists". According to this report put out by DHS secretary, and open-borders stalwart Janet Napolitano, anyone who opposes big
government control or who opposes "single issues" such as
illegal immigration, abortion, gun control, homosexual marriage,
the current financial bailouts, and literally a host of other
issues could be considered a domestic rightwing extremist! Don't believe me? See*h1av8amHehbYkmt3Qvxny16Gh1ob8gFYeRrw2HVq-joU7Y/hsarightwingextremism0904071.pdf

Wow! If that is the case, I am proud to call myself a Rightwing Extremist!!

It seems that if you oppose the current administration's agenda, that you are a threat to them, instead of just having a different opinion.

If that scared you off about me, I am sorry. If that encourages you to help with the fight, let me know and I will arm you with information and we can carry on with the fight to protect our constitution, and our freedoms.

On to family.

Isabelle had her first dance recital this week. She was so cute to watch.

At the end one of the other girls gave her some flowers and she just loved them! She has been jealous of me ever since Easter.
She wanted to carry them around everywhere. She even carried them around, trying to help daddy mow the lawn.
Also, Rob and I participated in a youth fundraiser in our ward and Rob was the MC. He did a great job!


Kerry said...

Tricia, your politics are inspiring. I live with Aaron, so I keep peace in our home first, but my mom has been really upset about things like you have been. I sent her the link to the 9-12 stuff and she found it really helpful.

also, thanks for the comment on my blog, it was a very special moment with Jett. sometimes you feel like you are teaching an no one is listening. It was truly a tender mercy that I was able to see something is sinking in during the FHE when everyone is doing headstands on the couches.

Swangerlings said...

I think it is great that you are doing something that you love and are passionate about. We do need to stand up for our beliefs in every way!