Sunday, April 5, 2009

Belly's 4th b-day, Robert's broken arm

This is my sweet, now four year old Bella. I am so grateful for her. She is always so willing to share and give of what she has. She has a sweet temperament and loves to be with other people. She is so fun to be around. She loves to sing and dance. She is always the little princess in all that she does. I love having such a girly girl!

So, last Saturday I threw Isabelle her 4th birthday party. We did a princess tea party.We did cupcakes with princesses on them instead of a cake.Isabelle said that her favorite part of the party was taking the princess off the top and dipping her into the frosting!Rob found the cutest font that made a little Cinderella at the beginning of each girl's name and we had a name tag for each girl. I also gave them a sparkly ring in their napkin holder.It was very important to Isabelle that we had dancing at the party.
I got all the girls spring hats for the party. I had them choose what ribbon they wanted on their hat, what flowers, and where they wanted to put them. Then I glued them to their hats for them.For lunch, I made sandwiches in the shapes of flowers, butterflys, and bunnies. I made fruit kabobs with a bunny shaped marshmallow at the end for each girl. We also had pink lemonade in fancy plastic glasses!Robert and Austy came. Robert wanted to be "The Hulk" for Bella's party. We played some musical chairs, opened presents and all the girls had a lot of fun!Bella got this Horton game from one of her friends and we had fun playing that.Monday was Bella's actual birthday, so that is when we gave her our presents. She gave us a great response! This was her favorite gift, the dress! (If she could wear a dress every day she would! So, we got her an every day, dress).Here is a taste of springtime at our house. Rob even mowed the lawn for the first time this year. I love the spring!For spring break we went 4 wheeling and yurt camping with some friends. Within our first hour of arrival, Rob took a tumble down a switchback with Robert on his quad and Robert got a broken arm! (just a buckle fracture that didn't break all the way through) So understandably, Robert wanted no more of that for the rest of the trip! So, the next day I went with the Hornbergers to a discovery museum with all the kids, and they all loved it!:)We also did tame activities like collecting sea shells. Austin just liked to play in the sand.Isabelle had tons of fun with her new friend Ethan.She also didn't like it when people went tame on the sand rail. When she got off the second time she had a glum look on her face. When asked about it she said, "That was boring!" She likes the wild and crazy ride!!After camping we went straight to Mima and Papa's to watch Conference with them. They had Isabelle present opening time there too:)


Kayleen the Violinist said...

I love your parties! You should be a professional party planner. And the Cinderella font is AWESOME! Where did you find that?

Gina said...

First of all: You did amazing on that party. I think you made that so special right down to the very last detail. You deserve a something great for doing that. How did rob find that princess writing. Not that I have to worry about that.
Next: That sounds like a bad luck moment for robert to break his arm while you are spring getawaying. You guys really have so much fun all of the time. Kudos!

Sara said...

I still feel badly that Karen was so late to the party. She had such a good time even if her mom can't keep track of things. Thanks again!

Wendy said...

What a fun party Tricia!!! My girls were always too tom boyish to want a total "princess" party!!

So apparently we were prego around the same time seeing how my oldest son is four as well. Well since January.

Fun Times --- Happy Birthday Bella.

Amy said...

Happy birthday Bella! What a cute little girl, and such cute things you did for her for her birthday!

Kendra said...

What adventures! Wow I didn't realize she was almost 4; she looks so pretty in her butterfly Barbie costume! She's beautiful. I love the different things you usually do with her hair too. Wish Alyssa would stand for that, but maybe as she gets older! I got a kick out of the 'hulk' appearances of the boys. too funny. Looks like Robert is still grinning & bouncing back well. :) hehe. good for him!

The Boulter Family said...

On my it has been too long sense I have checked on blogs....darn facebook!
Isabelle's fairy birthday looked amazing! What a wonderful Mother you are! So creative and imaginative. I am sure that is a birthday she will remember forever.