Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter etc

So, first of all, Rob got a new baby this week. If you can call a rusty old saw a baby. He is very excited. He got it free on Craig's list and his Dad was super nice and came up helped sand the rust off and help Rob get it in good working order (it didn't work when we first got it).We had an Elder's Quorum campout on Friday. I was hesitant to want to go at first, worried about the weather, but the kids had so much fun with all the other kids there.It was too bad that after telling everyone what good campers my kids were, each one of them woke up screaming uncontrollably (in turn of course) and all five of us ended up in the same two person sleeping bag! Then I heard a car alarm go off. Rob asked if it was ours and I realized that I was sleeping on my keys. So, I tried really hard to turn it off, then, as ours turned on, I realized that it was someone else's alarm that I had heard in the first place! So, I tried desperately to turn it off! What a night. We woke up all the campers at least 4 times! So, warning to all who might camp with the Frenches!!

On Saturday Rob completed this lego ship he had gotten from his Grandma Webster. He was so proud! I love it when he does projects like this. It teaches him to follow directions and create things, and he is so proud of himself afterwards.
That night we colored some eggs. Austin decided that the colored water tasted really good, as he would put some in his mouth and say "yummy!" Silly kid.
We read the story of the last few days of Christ's life and the resurrection before the kids went to bed. The next morning was all smiles.One of the presents Robert got was a mini golf set. I was surprized, but he loved it! He played with it a ton this morning. Unfortunately Austin got a bat and ball for his and was frustrated because he wanted to get his ball into Robert's golf hole.Isabelle loved the dresses and had to put her make up on right away!The Easter Bunny even knew where to find Mima and Papa.Rob told me, "All I need is this paddle ball game."
With the candy, every Easter I have to put on my malt ball lipstick.We tried to take a family photo. It was hard. I tried to match all the boys this year with their lime green.The kids sure love their grandparents, and we were so lucky to have them here this year:)Isabelle got some butterfly stickers in her basket. She ended up putting the stickers all over the place. Then she would move them and stick them someplace else!We had a yummy dinner.Then sent the kids on an egg hunt.A few weeks ago when I pulled out our Easter decorations, Robert found my bag of plastic eggs. Then, he and Isabelle hid them all over the house. We found them in the bathroom drawers, under beds and in closets. If we ever found one, Robert would take it and hide it somewhere else. It was so cute!
So today, after the kids did the hunt we set up for them downstairs, we told them to get the eggs that they had hid upstairs. But Robert said, "No Mom, the eggs upstairs are for the adults to do an egg hunt!" So, Rob, Bob, Nan, and I got our baskets and started searching.
At the end Robert said, "Mom, I am sorry to tell you, but there is no candy in your eggs." What a thoughtful little guy he is to put an egg hunt on for us.

We topped off the night with individual trifles. We had a fun Easter!


The Boulter Family said...

Oh Tricia what fun Easter traditions! It looks like you all had the best time. It must of been fun to have the grandparents over!
Your family photo is adorable; I love the lime green! You have such a beautiful family.
Dinner looked amazing and the individual trifles what a great idea!

Amy said...

I also love the individual trifle idea. And those blue butterfly stickers look so real!!

Gina said...

One day your kids will realize how special their parents were and are. What an example you are to me. I need you in my life.
It sounds like you had a fun weekend. We also had grandparents around.
We want to enjoy you guys in person one of these days coming up!