Monday, April 6, 2009

Ok, just one more note. Last week I had the kids bring their scriptures to church so they can get a sticker in Primary. The kids were so excited to be able to have their own scriptures there. Later that night Robert told me that for his reading time he wanted to read from the scriptures. He told me that in his primary class he was never called on to read from the scriptures, although the other kids were, and he never felt like he could. But, when we brought our scriptures on Sunday, he opened them up and read some on his own for the first time. I guess it really does make a difference just to have the kids bring them to church.
We read a whole page from the Pearl of Great Price. It almost made me cry that he was so excited to read the scriptures, and that his confidence took a huge leap.

Also, today we watched General Conference. I have been so upset about what has been going on in our country lately (if you are too, check out my new link to the 9-12 club). I feel like the Authorities of the church were talking to me when they spoke on not having fear, just faith. I love conference and having a Prophet and apostles.


Swangerlings said...

I will be honest by saying that I thought about you and Rob when these specific talks were being given. I had a spiritual sort of experience about this and got this peaceful revelation that we need to be positive come what may and to have a happy heart. I am so glad that it helped you so, because I think it is definitely a sore issue and very difficult; it needed to come from the Prophet and general authorities and not from someone like me... not saying I am all knowing by any means. I am just saying it was something that I had difficulty with as well followed by stress and fear which is exactly where satan wants us to be.The Spirit confirms it's truth with a spreading comforting peaceful feeling. Isn't it wonderful?! We are guided by a living Prophet who knows the desires of our heart and hears our fears.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for your post on the scriptures. As a primary presidency, we really wanted the children to feel the importance of bringing their scriptures to church and begin to love them and realize how important they are. This is why we started the scripture sticker incentive. The experience you shared about Robert was very touching. Thank you.