Tuesday, April 2, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Early in the month Isabelle was very motivated to make a leprechaun trap, even though she didn't have to for school.  She put double sided tape on the bottom so when the leprechauns went in to get the money they would get stuck.She made this one for Talia so that she could try to catch a leprechaun too.
 Austin made this one and tried to make it really soft and comfy inside for the leprechauns.
 The kids got chocolate coins and footprints from the leprechauns St. Patrick's morning.

 I made these for the kids for Sunday morning.

 The dinner table.
The Swangers joined us for some festive Irish fun.  Here is cute Naomi. WE played musical chairs to some Irish music.

A few days earlier we celebrated Pi day (3.14) by having pie for dinner and dessert.  

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