Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Isabelle's 8th Birthday

 So, my little girl turned 8.  We are putting off her baptism until May, so we can do it with family in Utah.  I feel so lucky to have Isabelle as my daughter.  She is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met.  She is always willing to give whatever she has to other people and put others before herself.  She is the only one in the family willing to hold Talia's hand all night long.  She buys presents for all of the kids, even if they don't give her anything.  She loves the gospel.  She always says her prayers, and often sings songs to her Heavenly Father at night as well.  Could I ask for anything sweeter than this girl?  I am blessed.

The picture above is the sweet dress my mother gave her for her birthday.  The picture below is the baptism dress that Mema made for her.  We took some pics of her by the Portland temple in her baptism dress.

For Isabelle's birthday, she wanted to have a baking party.
This was the invite we used.  We actually had her info on here, but I couldn't get it onto the blog.

 I made a baker hat for each of the girls and they got to decorate it for the party.
 My friend and I made aprons for each of the girls with their initial embroidered on each one.

 Decorating hats.
 Making pizza.
 Making fruit kabobs.
 We also made fruit tarts and decorated cupcakes.
 Present time.

On the day of her actual birthday I made her fruit pizza and roast for dinner.

 I wish we had taken a picture, but we gave her a receipt for one of her presents.  She always tries to give me receipts and say that it is a present to be silly, so she got one back.

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