Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Homeschool

Here are some fun things we did for homeschool this month.

We studied the French Revolution, so we made "citizen caps" and watched the Scarlet Pimpernell.  I also had Robert read an easier version of Tale of Two cities.
 After we studied Eli Whitney, Robert and Isabelle made their own cotton gins!  Did you know that Eli Whitney was the first person to introduce interchangeable parts?  I think that is way cooler than the cotton gin!
 Robert- always a cheeseball.

 Isabelle wanted to show her elephant working the cotton gin.
 Since we were studying the industrial revolution, I wanted to take them to a factory and show them how it worked.  We have a Pendelton factory not far from us, so I took them there.  The kids got to see raw wool, straight from the sheep, died, turned into yarn, and then string, see the weaving machines, and then into fabrics and blankets.  It was awesome!!
 A worker there gave these things made out of wool to the kids.  I think that's what they liked best about the tour.

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