Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines 2013

February is a whirlwind to me.  It seems I go from one party to the next.  Since all my decorations are in Utah I am once again forced to be more creative than I would normally be.  Here are some of my creations for Valentines.  Isabelle is also always the creator, and she made some decorations for Valentines as well.  I made these "Love Letters"  out of some cardboard and ribbon I had.

 I made this heart banner, the poof balls and the hearts on the family wall.

Isabelle and Austin made the hearts over the back door, These hearts on the table, and the ones all over the house.


 I had hearts hanging in the kids doorways when they woke up.   Then I had Valentine's waiting for them on the island.  I made notes for them with conversation hearts and chocolates.

Rob wrote knock knock jokes for everyone in the whole family.  They turned out so cute!

 I gave Rob a Reeses heart, a note,
 And a rose made out of bacon.
 I made pink, heart shaped pancakes and strawberries.
 I did Isabelle and Talia's hair with heart do's, but apparently I didn't take a pick of Isabelle's.
 Robert was sad that he wouldn't have a classroom full of people to give him Valentines, so I invited a homeschool family over to exchange Valentines with and have a party.  We had lunch, played a couple games, and had cookies. :)

 For dinner I made this salad with veggie hearts in it (cucumbers, carrots, and red peppers).
 I made these tissue paper heart doilies.
 This was Austin's Valentine box; a giant lego.
 These are dinner's main course, heart pizza pockets.

 For dessert I made chocolate cherry bombs.  I think they really did bomb, they weren't very good.  I got them from pinterest, but I think it was a pintrocity. :)
 Isabelle was super sweet and embroidered this heart for Rob and I for Valentines.  She is very thoughtful.
 Rob got me these beautiful flowers and some chocolates.

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