Sunday, February 10, 2013

Talia's 3rd birthday party

 Talia's favorite color is pink.  Her favorite princess is Cinderella.  So, I had to do a pink princess party for her.  I tried out making tissue paper pom poms.
 Rob printed off princess pics for the cupcakes.
 I made little crowns out of toilet paper rolls and the girls glued jewels to them.  We played "find the slipper", walk and run, and musical chairs.
 I also made pink punch.
 Talia said her favorite part was opening presents.  I made her a special princess chair (by tying a balloon to it.)  She wanted to sit in it almost the whole party.
 Isabelle, and Robert wanted to be helpers for her party.  They were so great, but it's also a reminder that my kids are growing up!
 Austin was so cute.  He wanted to join in with the girls, so he dressed like a "knight."

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