Sunday, February 17, 2013

Austin's lost tooth and Lego 6th birthday!

 Austin lost his first tooth the day before Valentines.

 For his birthday party this year he really wanted a lego party.  This was his invitation.

For our first game, I had the kids look around the house for pics of lego guys for "Find it" lego bingo.

Then the boys made tried to make the tallest tower in a minute, and just make "something" to share out of legos.

I put Isabelle in charge of making an obstacle course for the boys, and I think she did a great job!

She said the boys had to spin in the chair 6 times since Austin was turning 6 today.

 I took Austin's Valentine's out of his box for school, added candy, and voila, I turned it into a piñata.

 Present time!
 Austin wanted to decorate the cake himself this year with lego guys and chocolate rocks.  We made a snake pit and a mountain as well.

When he was blowing out the candle, he blew it out (and I kept lighting it) the whole time we were singing happy birthday!  He is so funny!

He also got these fun ninja turtle things. :)

On Sunday we did his birthday dinner that he chose ( I was too worn out Saturday).  He picked spaghetti and breadsticks.  ( I also made him jello in duplo blocks, but forgot to bring it out for dinner!)

He always likes to have the biggest bowls, the biggest spoons etc.  so Rob gave him all serving spoons and forks for his dinner to be funny.  I also gave him a heaping serving of spaghetti, because he always eats a ton when we have spaghetti.

We gave him a new cowboy shirt for his birthday.  I think he looks handsome in it. :)

playing in the tissue paper

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