Sunday, September 2, 2012


We were so happy that Rob could take off work for a day and join us at the zoo.


If you read my last post, you may recognize the pig ears that Isabelle is wearing here.  She wanted to wear her pig stuff to the zoo.



Although most of our kids enjoyed the petting zoo, it is still a struggle to get Robert to be willing to touch the animals.....



Kids measuring themselves after one of Austin's favorite animals right now.


The whole time we were at the zoo Isabelle was collecting different leaf samples and comparing the differences between the leaves.  Do I have a little scientist on my hands?

We also had to get a pic of her in front of the only pig they had at the zoo, since she was being a pig that day.

Robert's favorite animal, and has been for some time, is the Hippo.  He used to call Talia a baby hippo when she was first born.



That night we went to Nona Emilia's in Portland for dinner.  Rob's favorite pizza place.  Isn't that pizza just a monster!

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