Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pig Day!

So, sometimes we here at the French house get an idea in our head and just let it run wild.  I had posted a fun cupcake on Pinterest that looks like a pig.  I had also checked out a book from the library called "Pigericks"  (limericks about pigs).  So, we decided to make a whole pig day out of it......  
First I made pig pancakes in the morning.  I had to use bacon as too!  They ended up as the ears.  
Isabelle didn't like the strawberry bow ties for her pancake, so she made them a bow in her pigs hair.

After we ate, Robert read to everyone "If you give a pig a pancake."

We invited a bunch of kids over for the rest of the festivities.

One of our friends gave us Spam to celebrate the occasion.

We made pig ears, noses and tails.


My friend Sara read to the kids from "Pigericks" and other pig books.

We had the kids roll their own "pigs in a blanket" for lunch.

 We also played some pig games.  This was "Australian Pig Snort".

 Then we made what started it all- pig cupcakes!



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