Monday, September 3, 2012

Alderbrook Park

A friend of mine recently made me aware of an amazing hidden gem in Brush Prarie, it's called Alderbrook Park.  For $5 a person we got all this...

Bouncy Houses


Petting Zoo (Isabelle stayed in this area for a long time)


Paddle Boat rides



A pirate ship to explore and a fun maze.

A pool with separated deep and shallow ends.


Train Rides

And the drinking fountain spouts lemonade!

For $3 each the kids could also get a pony ride.

Isabelle was in heaven.

The first day we were there the boys wanted to stay in the bouncy houses the whole day! 

Robert made friends with two brothers there whose mom worked there.  So, he got special free treats like ice cream sandwiches and chips.
Talia was hesitant to go in the bouncy house until I got Kaime to take her in with her.  Kaime was so cute with her that they held hands tons in the bouncy houses and went down the slides together.  They had lots of fun. They also played together in the pool.

Talia was a little nervous on the paddle boats. 

She said she wanted to ride the horse too (only the girls ended up wanting to go on the horse.)  The helmet didn't last for long.  

After the first day, on Thursday, the kids begged me to take them the next day.  So, I did. 

Austin actually came with me on the paddle boats the next day.  There was a boy there catching a whole bunch of newts too and he was really sweet to help us find more and let us pet the ones he caught. 

Austin also came with us on the train.  

We have been there three times now and every time Isabelle has wanted to ride the horse.  That is her favorite animal right now.

Talia rode the horse for two of the three days we went. 

Robert pretty much stayed in the bouncy houses the whole time all three days!  What a crazy kid!

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