Friday, August 19, 2011

August update

Sorry I have been so bad about updating my blog lately. So, here is what we have done for the month of August so far.

Robert and I went to cub camp. It was a space theme. His favorite activity there was archery.
I took the other kids to Oaks Park while Robert was having fun at camp one day.
All of Rob's siblings were going to be getting together in Utah, so we decided to make a trip out to see them. We were super lucky to be able to see Kip and his new fiance' Gabby!
Oh, and we found out that this awesomeness that Kip wore to the demolition derby was inspired by Rob. Rob always tries to dress like white trash when we go to the demolition derby. You sure took it to the next level Kip!We got to celebrate Chloe, Steven, and Emily's birthday.
Later that week we went swimming with almost all my siblings, so fun :) Then we went to see the "UP" house replica they did in Harriman.
We stayed with my friend Wendy and she did beauty shop with the girls. I made Austin this awesome vest because he has been begging me for a month to make him a Woody costume. We also bought him boots and a cowboy hat on this trip. He was so happy!
These are some baby cousins we met for the first time on the trip- Joseph and Owen.
And we got to see Rachel's new one baby Mary :)
The kids were happy to see their twinner cousins-

Talia and Davis Austin and IsaacIsabelle and Abby

Robert and Liam
The cousins all made rockets that Uncle Mike let off.
There was a fun slip and slide.
Face painting
Rob did balloon animalsfishing
Papa doing what he does best.
I got some snuggle time.

We got to see Ben's family and his cute new baby Jackson (or Jack Jack as Rocky calls him).

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