Sunday, August 21, 2011

More August....camping Beacon Rock

Ok, so this is still August, but oh well.

As soon as we got home from Utah we got our new trampoline. :)The kids were finishing up soccer. Isabelle did a dynamite job as goalie.Austin loved to try to steal the ball from the ref. He is such a tease.
Robert took an injury for the team and ended up breaking his arm during his second to last game. We went camping up at Beacon Rock. It was SOOOO fun!! We love it up there. The kids had fun climbing up the rocks in our campsite.Isabelle loved that I had our hair and hats matching.We had the Trevisanuts with us. Here Reagan is hanging out with Talia.The next day Rob, Isabelle and I went Kayaking. When we got back we went on a hike up Beacon Rock.
This is a view of where we went kayaking.On the little island over there were a bunch of elk.
It was cute to see Cameron holding Isabelle's hand on the way up.Us at the top.Trevisanuts at the top.Just kidding, here they are...
There were lots of switchbacks.This is the rock that we hiked.
Oh, and Isabelle and her friend Clara have been having lots of fun turning their fluffy skirts inside out to make big bottoms.

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