Sunday, April 24, 2011

Derby, party, Easter

Robert got to go to districts for his Pinewood Derby. He didn't win overall, but he did great.

His buddy Brycen got to compete there too. :)
Austin had muffins with mom with his preschool.
In homeschool we learned about the Celts. So, we had a Celtic dinner with no electricity, no silverware, and celtic music. It was fun!
In our scout auction we won a birthday party from Lisa Stevens and she came up with this super fun movie party idea.
As the kids walked in, Isabelle gave them tickets from this "ticket booth" and they got to buy their movie treats with them. After that they watched "Barbie Island Princess" and played wiggle cars.
After her party we went to our stake's Life of Christ exhibit. It was amazing!
If you look at all the little yellow papers on the wall, those are children's testimonies. They lined rooms and hallways. That was the most touching part to me. I also loved the actors talking about the different parts of Christ's life.
We then went to an Easter Egg Hunt where they dropped eggs from a helicopter. So cool!
We colored eggs that night.

Our Easter feast.

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