Sunday, April 10, 2011

Katie's, Isa b-day at Moms, Dinosaur Museum

We went to my sister Katie's house and her little boy, Andrew, was so sweet! He kept crawling into my lap and playing with me. I loved how friendly he was.
Katie and Mike were nice enough to let Robert try out a bunch of their wii games so he could choose his reward for learning the Articles of Faith!Isabelle-Talia snuggle time.
We had a little birthday celebration for Isabelle at my mom's. My mom made her this sweet "Bella Box" with lots of fun stickers, pencils etc to make cards (which Isabelle loves) and do her doll's hair (which she also loves).Mom also got Isabelle and Talia matching dresses. So cute!Talia and Isabelle immediately started dancing in their fun dresses.
We celebrated Katie's birthday too. ;)
Mema took us to the Dinosaur Museum, which is great since we just finished a unit in Science on Dinosaurs.

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