Sunday, June 5, 2011

California Dreamin', no for real!

We were super lucky to be able to go to California in May to visit my Dad and see some of the sights while we were there. Rob scheduled some business to offset the costs. We go to go to Disneyland while we were there. (Rob worked during the day and met up with us at night). It was so nice to have my dad there :)

Robert got picked to be in the Jedi Training there and got to fight Darth Maul!The person Austin most wanted to see was Mickey Mouse. He was so excited! He even picked out a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal for his souvenir.Isabelle got to see Rapunzel (Tangled).

After Disney we went to Universal Studios, this time with Janice too.
Next we headed out to Legoland.They had so many cool Star Wars things there.

The White House out of Legos! Had to take a pic since we were just there!We had to take this pic of my dad and Janice by the Hollywood Bowl replica. They took us there a few years ago!
This was one of the kids favorite rides. It was like a little town that they drove through. They stopped at red lights, stop signs and everything. It was so fun! Notice Robert is driving "cool" with one hand.

Fun times. Austin got one of these swords and plays with it every day I swear!
On this ride the people in the boat get to shoot bystanders with water. I must have got hit a billion time before I could take this picture!There is a fun water play area there too. We didn't have our suits the first day we were there. Talia didn't mind.We had our suits the next time though.
Did you know there is an aquarium at Legoland? It is kind of small and lame, but we got cheap tickets, so it was ok.
The next day we went to Sea World and got DRENCHED in the rain. We bought ponchos as soon as we got there so it wouldn't be as miserable.We hung out inside for a while.

It was so cool to see people riding dolphins!
But, everyone's favorite was Shamu. On the coast we feel lucky if we see some water spurt into the air about a mile away. Here we got to see them up close doing amazing things! It made me feel so much reverence for God's creations.
All things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful the Lord God made them all. (That is what it made me think of).

Isabelle fed the sea lions.We went to a wild animal park. It seemed like the zoo, except that the cages were bigger, so we had to walk really far to see each animal. I think the zoo would have been better.Robert said that playing on the Rhino statue was the best part of the whole day.Rob got this cool Indiana Jones hat there.For our last day in San Diego, we went to Balboa Park. It was nice not to spend money for a day!
The whole thing was done in 1915 out of plaster and chicken wire in old Spanish style. It was super cool.
They also had an Old Globe open air theater where they perform Shakespearean plays. So cool!Tiled bell tower.
Cool Cactus.
Organ Pavillion, they have a concert here with an organ like they have in the Mormon tabernacle, once a week. How cool!
Thanks Dad for a great VACA!


Amy said...

How fun for your family! My kids, well, my 5-yr-old at least, thinks she's deprived because we've never gone to Disneyland.

In a nut shell... said...

Wow sounds like you hit all the fun spots! How fun!

Gina said...

So that is what you have been up to!
Good for you. I am especially happy you got to see your dad. We need to reconect, now that summer is here.

Cory said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Wish I was there with everyone. I've never been to Legoland before. Take care. Miss you all and with much love.

Writing to you from Fort Rucker, Alabama.


Tricia said...

Amy, going to Disneyland as a kid is so worth it. I hope you are able to take your kids someday.

Kim-yes! Looks like you have been having a fun time yourself!

Gina-We would love to get together. Rob and I have discussed having you guys over for games sometime soon. We should talk!

Cory-We are sad you couldn't make it. We were looking forward to seeing you and your house. I think you would have loved Legoland. Good luck with the helicopter training!