Sunday, June 20, 2010

End of school events and Father's Day

First of all, when we got back from Utah we came home to this.....About a 50 ft branch had fallen into our yard. Luckily it didn't land on our fence or any part of our house!

Belly had a field trip to the zoo.Our lilies are out..
Belly graduated from Preschool this week. She was so cute performing little songs for us. She is sad to leave "Miss Connie", but so excited to be in Kindergarten next year!Robert had his last day at the Homeschool Connection. Here is his main teacher, Mrs. Robertson.
and his friends Micah, Clark, and James.
For Father's Day the kids made him Rob M&M bow ties in Primary. Rob wore his to church.
The kids showered presents on Rob this morning. Robert gave him a bookmark and a picture he had painted. Isabelle gave him a magnet with her picture on it with a sign that said Happy Father's Day. I had the kids fill out papers about what they think about Dad. It was pretty funny.

This is something I gave him. I have been feeling so much more love and appreciation towards Rob lately. Two fathers and family friends of ours have died in the past two weeks. I am so grateful to have Rob there to raise up our kids, to teach them, to give them love and support. We really are blessed.We have started a new project on our stairs going to the garage. The plan is to take off the carpet and replace it with oak on the top and tile on the face.
I got to go to a Seminar with Dr. Kimber, son in law of Cleon Skowsen.

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