Sunday, June 13, 2010

Utah trip 5-10

I just wasn't up for putting everything from my trip together last time. Here are some highlights of our Utah trip. I am sorry if I didn't get around to seeing people much, if at all. We really just came to see Grandma Nan and support her. Anyways....

Before we left I taught a unit to my kids on Benjamin Franklin. I invited Rob to class to be our "Guest Expert" and he did a demonstration about electricity. It was so fun!!We finally got out our very old swing, and I was amazed at how Talia filled it up. All the other kids we had to pad with blankets around them and Talia does fine without one. I love that girl. :)
Lately, everyone I talk to has been telling me that she looks like a Cabbage Patch doll. What do you think?
Something wonderful about Talia; when we were in Utah lots of people were down about Grandma Nan, and it just felt like Talia lightened things up. Her little smile and laugh brought sunshine where there was darkness and it felt like such a blessing that she was there. I love my little baby cakes.

These iris were blooming right before we left. I planted these like the first year we were here in this house and this is the first year that they have bloomed. I was so happy!One of the blessings of all our Utah trips lately, is I got to see my sister Katie's new baby Andrew Thomas. I believe he is about 9 days old in these pictures.
Here is Mike holding both Talia and Andrew. Andrew just makes Talia look huge!
My brother Kip was so sweet to hold off a trip so that he could spend time with me while I was there.
We had a lot of fun hanging out with the Hakala cousins.We went to a fun pirate restaurant with Mike's family.

We got to see my mom on her birthday.
And I got to see my Grandpa Boulter while there.I was able to see my sister Em too. Isabelle said, "One of my Aunts always likes to hold the babies." She was referring to Aunty Em..
I absolutely loved this. I found the kids playing around with some wigs that were in Nan's dress ups. I have a picture like this of me playing in a wig when I was younger too!
Bob was so cute with his Malt Shop. I have never seen so many malts made as I have this trip.At last minute I really wanted a campfire in the canyon. I dragged my family, kicking and screaming practically, to Provo Canyon. Once we were there everyone had a terrific time! We even got to take the kids to the spot where Rob proposed to me. (I think they changed it into a shooting range though!)
Robert loved spending time with his twinner cousin Liam and, Austin with his twinner cousin Isaac.I am always trying to take this pic of my two matching girls and it never turns out nice, arrgh!
We had a family party since all of Rob's siblings were there and celebrated a number of birthdays. The kids had a lot of fun.
I came to really enjoy some of Uncle Bill's antics this trip. He came to the park and danced in this bunny hat.Twinners Isaac and Austin.Robert, Liam and Jared.
Uncle Mike brought a pinata for all the kiddos. Here they are all lined up and ready to go.Takin' a wackNewest twinner cousins, Davis and Talia
Just chillin'

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