Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow, makeup and more.

So, Isabelle got some lip gloss for Christmas and now feels like she needs to wear make up every day. Not just one layer, but she needs to put on a layer from every lip gloss she has, plus the Halloween make up she found in my room. I found her in her bed the other night with fresh lipstick on her lips. She didn't want to come out for stories, just went straight to bed. I made her clean up, but this is what she looked like beforehand.We had some snow this week. Robert made this fun tiny snowman.
The snow only lasted a couple of days until it rained.

We went swimming and rollerskating this week. It was the first time our kids have ever been roller skating and I was a little bit nervous about how they would do, so I made sure to bring Rob with me. But, I was amazed at how well they did.Ok, so at first there was a lot of falling, but they were all doing great by the end. Isabelle was off on her own from the very beginning and Austin felt very comfortable moving slowly the whole time. Robert was the one who struggled the most, but he was really starting to get it at the end. But, by then he was getting tired. I think this would be great for them if we kept going back.I can't believe how much Austin has grown and progressed at this point. His conversations are sounding like the other kids with full sentences and a great imagination. He loves to do word play by repeating things we've said, but with different letters. He still wants to hug me like 50 times a day, and I love every single one! He even asks me now, "Mom, can I hug you?"

Isabelle has started getting into Hannah Montana and singing one line of her song over and over and over. Unfortunately, it really reminds me of me when I was younger! She loves her make up and loves her Polly Pockets.

Robert is getting so much older and more mature I can't believe it! He changed Austin's diaper and changed him into his jammies tonight. He always helps clean up, buckle the other kids, etc. He is so helpful. He even started cleaning out his treasure chest and eliminating junk and organizing things all on his own volition. I am proud of him.

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Robert C said...

Oh how I (we) miss you each and all. It was fun to look at the pix and read Tricia's comments but it is not like being with you.