Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rob's 33rd b-day and more

So, I was too tired last week to post, but Rob had his birthday on the 21st. I really thought I would have had the baby by now, so, luckily I was actually prepared for his birthday.

The kids were not too great about keeping secrets this year. They all told Rob what they were going to do for his b-day when he asked. Robert REALLY wanted to bring him breakfast in bed. So, I woke up the kids early. I had Robert make some pancakes, Isabelle made the orange juice, and I made some bacon.We had Rob open his presents in the morning. The presents he opened were pretty small, but there was one from each of the kids and me. The biggest presents were in the form of coupons. The kids each decided what they would give to their dad and wrote it on a coupon with a picture of them and their Dad, I gave him some too. Hopefully, in not too long, he will complete the computer he has always dreamed of making, and get matching computer desks for the basement.

After the kids went to school, we cleaned up all of the syrup that ended up on our carpet all down the hall, in our bedroom, and all over our bedding! Ah, love.

Rob had to work all day. That night I made enchiladas verdes and mud pie for dessert. It really wasn't much for a birthday, but he said that he felt lots of love from the family all day.On to other things, Rob and Robert worked on legos together last Sunday. They had a blast.This is what Austin did while they were working on the Legos.We have gotten lots of snuggles lately. Actually, Austin is our alarm clock. I always know it is seven when I hear someone struggling to turn our doorknob. I love it when he comes in and snuggles me. He always says "I love you too" whether I say I love you first or not. What a cutie. Usually if Isabelle or Robert come in too, we have really slept in late!
I was given a surprise shower last Saturday. My friend Danile had asked me if I would go Maternity dress shopping with her. I agreed, I had looked up what stores to go to for the best dresses. She said she wanted to stop at Holly's house to drop off some videos, and behold, it was my shower! I wish I actually had pics of the shower, but here are the nice presents that we brought home, including the pretty blanket hanging on the crib. I feel so blessed!Isabelle has been more like "Fancy Nancy" than ever before. Every day when I do her hair it has to be curled-no pony tails, no braids, it has to be Princess hair!!! She has to put on lipgloss every day, many times perfume, and we just did nails this week as well. Sometimes she will have a ring on every finger. She is so cute, as long as I don't have to deal with more tantrums about me not doing her hair right etc!So, really I have been so disappointed that I haven't had the baby yet. At my last appt the midwife said she didn't think I would go over. Well, tomorrow is the due date and I haven't had this baby!!! At least they said that they would induce me by Wednesday if I haven't had the baby yet. My mom is coming on Tuesday, so I have to have the baby while she is here!

Rob told me that his Aunt would always go into labor after their family had gone out to dinner. So, we went out for dinner on Friday to a fun place called "The Blind Onion". We had a great time, but we didn't get to see a baby.
Rob's beard is growing in nicely, and both he and I actually like his facial hair this time!

Hopefully you will here from me by Wednesday that we have a baby apart from me!!


Swangerlings said...

Good luck with that baby! he,he...And happy late bday to Rob. If you need anything just let us know.

Gina said...

I think you have hung on quite long enough, and you will be rewarded this week with a cute baby girl! I hope it all is a blessed event, good luck to ya!
I on the other hand will be hanging on for another 10 weeks or so. The blind onion picture made my mouth water to death.