Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pirate Day

So, not much to report here. My kids earned enough on their obedience, chore, and work chart to go to the Pirate store! All of them wanted to dress up as pirates to go. I thought it was so fun! There is a really cool store in the Lloyd Center mall in Portland that is all about pirates. The store even gave them a discount for dressing up.

I also took a pic of the boys "boxing"on the wii. That is Robert's favorite thing to do on the wii and he is actually really good!For Homeschool art this week he and I did some soap carvings of fish. Robert was so proud. :)
We went roller skating again and the kids are doing so much better! I loved seeing Robert and Isabelle hold hands as they were skating, I should have brought the camera.

Have a good week!


RBeckstead said...

So, last night I realized (through some really weird dreams) that you guys are going to have FOUR kids...I mean I knew that, but it didn't hit me until last night. That's SO crazy!!! That's a lot! It's great, but whoa! Anyway, the pirate thing was awesome! You're kids crack me up. Have a great day!!!

In a nut shell... said...

Tyler really enjoys golf on the Wii...we need to get another remote so we can box! That looks like fun!

The Boulter Family said...

Ok I think we have same brain connection or telepathy.
We went to a pirate restaurant and this week I started a chart system for Charlie! I am trying a site called Goalforit; very interactive and fun!
Looks like your kids had a great time at the pirate store and love the outfits.
To answer your question if we see your Grandfather a we don't, I should be better at coordinating that. Usually if we go so Robert can fix Lynn's computer!