Monday, July 29, 2013

Boulter Family Reunion 2013

 These first pictures are from Friday night at Amy's clubhouse in Midway.  We had some yummy dinner Rick brought.  Above is Lydia, Jasen, Robert, and Eli.  Below is Heather Larson.
 Grandpa Boulter and Maxine.
 Steve and Shelby.

Talia and Al's grandson Hunter.

 Hope and Hunter, Al's cute grandkids!
 Me and Shannon's family.
 Alisa and Nancy (my mom).
 Mindi, Bryan, Lisa, Steve, Glen.

 What was there of the original fam- Rick, Glen, Al, Nancy, Steve, Grandpa B. and Maxine (and Hunter).
 Grandkids- (Back) Amy, Katie, Kip, Bryan, Shannon, Robert.  (Front) Tricia, Shelby, Lydia, Grandpa B. and Maxine.
 Great-Grand kids (Back) Jasen, Robert, Shannon's kids....
(Middle) Isabelle, Lily, Austin, Charlie, Eli, Gpa and Maxine
(Bottom) Ava, Talia, Bentley, Chloe, Heather, Andrew, Hunter, Hope.

 Shannon's fam

 Glen's fam
 Siblings and spouses.   (Back) Rick and Marilyn, Al, Steve, Lisa
(Front) Nancy, Glen, Susan, Gpa B, Maxine.
 My fam - Rob, Tricia, Gpa, Maxine,
                 Austin, Talia,
                 Robert, Isabelle.
 Bryan's family  (Mindi, Eli, Heather)
 Katie's family (Lily, Chloe, Andrew, Mike)
 Robert's Family (Alisa, Charlie, Bentley)
 Kip and Gabby
 Rick's fam (Marilyn, Amy, Ava, Jazzman, Jasen)
 Happy Birthday Grandpa!
 Al showed the great's some rocks that he has collected and let them take home cool stuff like dinosaur poop, geodes, and petrified wood.
 The kids had tons of fun playing in the pool.

 Rick brought footballs for all the kids.
 Bryan shared some really cool ancestor stories, showing how these people are connected to us via the website he created. :)

 Al, Jeff, Hunter and Hope (those are Jeff's cute kiddos).
 On Saturday we went to Evergreen Park in Salt Lake City.

 Steve did a get to know you activity with fabulous prizes. :) 
 Blonde cousins... Isabelle, Libby, Talia, and Heather
 Lisa and Marilyn, prepping...
 Mom and Rick made a fabulous Cafe Rio style lunch for us.

Anne did this cookie decorating activity.

 Robert and Bentley
 Heather, Talia, Ava, Shelby, Austin (Ava had a great time eating the icing...:))
 Austin and Eli
 A wonderwoman crown for a princess, you go Chloe.
 Lisa with her "monster ball" face.
 My little cookie princess.
 Mindi and Shelby get into the act.

 Isabelle put together an obstacle course that included these puddle jumpers that Eli is on.
 Chloe tried them out too.
 Andrew running the end of the obstacle course. 
 Waterballoon toss

 Kip and Gabby helping out
 Water balloon launch
 Rob, Libby, and Mike doing the launch

 Nancy did some flower crafts with the girls.
 Here is what Alisa made.
 Lydia's creation.
 Katie's family, incognito with the fun props Mom (aka Nancy) made.
 The water balloon fun got a little crazy with Uncle Bryan and Steve.

 Heather and Talia's main hang out.
 Isabelle and Charlie

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Nance's Playhouse said...

Thanks for the great pics! You did a great job of capturing the reunion. (By the way, Jeff's son is named Hudson). This was a lot of fun. Thanks for your hard work!