Sunday, June 2, 2013

Utah trip May-Time with Websters

 We went to Utah in May.  We were able to go to Kip's graduation party.  He just graduated with his Bachelor's from the UofU. :)  We got some great time with the family.   The park here is where we have our family reunion scheduled for this summer.  My mom did a great job picking it out.  Thanks Mom!
 Robert and Ethan had a great time together.  Em was great with the kids too.
 The boys liked to hide from us.

 For homeschool we studied Mexican independence, so we threw a Cinco de Mayo party for the fam.  The kids made homemade pinatas.    Here Isabelle and Talia are filling the pinatas with candy.
 The kids were so excited to hit their own pinatas.

 Bryan helped out too.

 That chicken was Ethan's pinata.

 We did a cupcake walk.  I heard this was traditional....  I helped with the maraca music.


 Heather and Austin got along so well. :)

 Inside decor
 Heather and Isabelle with the paper flowers that Isabelle, Emily and I made.

We got to visit with Wendy's family too.
 Sliding down the stairs of their new house.  Wendy actually put together a neighborhood kickball game.  It was so fun!
 Talia and Rachel were being good friends.
So much fun!  Thanks Wendy and Jason!

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