Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hair cut, Swimming and cub camp

This is on our way home. The kids were exhausted!

My matching girls, so cute!

Bella got her hair cut short for the first time ever. She has been begging to have her hair like her friend Clara, for a long time. I finally gave in and she got a huge smile on her face when the first big cut happened. It made me happy.

Cute Talia. I have started her on solid foods now. She really likes bananas and sweet potatoes. She doesn't like blackberries, turkey, applesauce, or straight rice cereal. But, when she likes something she sure is a good eater! She is also doing really well at sitting up alone. She can do it for at least 10 seconds straight, as long as she doesn't get too excited!

Today she was in her swing and Robert started jumping for her. She laughed so hard that all the kids joined in to make her laugh. It was so cute!

This week I enrolled Austin and Isabelle in double swimming lessons while Robert was in cub camp. Rob thought I was crazy, but the kids ended up loving it!
It did wear the kids out. Austin fell asleep on the floor in the kitchen, Belly just likes to be in pictures.Robert had a lot of fun at cub camp this week. He especially liked archery.
Here is one of his arrows...
He got in a water fight.
He was an alligator in their "Indiana Jones" skit.
The other kids got up and danced before the cub scouts came out.

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